Friday, February 10, 2012

Creating dreams with mirrors

Here's an interesting guy, Dave Harm, who is sharing his recovery with others in some very symbolic ways. In this section of his web site, he talks about mirrors and the laws of mirrors. when you look at a mirror in your dreams, it is an instruction to look at yourself. This is the same for taking a picture of yourself and watching TV.

Go take a look at Dave's laws and see how his insights might help in your dreams.

Creating dreams with mirrors: "By far my favorite Law. Why? It was the first Law that I understood and it was the first Law I began to practice when I quit
drinking. I wanted to know why I hate such a strong hatred for some people. Hatred might seem like a strong word, yet at that
time, just starting my recovery journey everything had me on edge.

I not only wanted to know why I felt the way I did with others. I needed to know. Not only to build better relationships but also
to understand myself better. If I disliked someone I needed to really look closely at that relationship because by doing so I
was also digging deep inside my soul.

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