Sunday, May 26, 2013

Drink & Dream at Your Own Risk - Blog

Drink & Dream at Your Own Risk - Blog: "You're running, running as fast as your legs will propel you. Three spectral figures chase after you, all of them hooded and cloaked. Jagged rocks and broken rubble litter the terrain. You're not sure how you got to this deserted, desolate cityscape, but you know you want to get out. Everything is so real. The dust below your feet crunches and gravel ricochets as you stampede across the tattered ground. The scene's colors are monotone, yet still eerily vibrant. Your pursuers are almost upon you. You can feel the scrape of their outstretched hands and hear the wheeze of their breathing. They've almost got you! You dodge to the side to escape their clutches and then..."

It is true that drinking may contribute to some vivid dreams. Alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, but it stops your REm sleep--which tends to interfere with your dreams--however, after you metabolize that alcohol, then you get even more vivid dreams--because you were deprived of them earlier--its a sort of rebound effect.

But in the 12 step programs--drinking isn't going to help you dream--(do I have to say I'm being sarcastic?) If you have trouble remembering your dreams, tell your subconscious that you will wake up and jot down notes after a dream--tell your mind that you WANT to remember and ask it for help--keep a recorder (iPhone) or note pad by your bed and do record your night honestly will remember if you do this...

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