Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Drinking in My Dreams | the 12 Step Buddhist

Look what I found on the Internet--a guy who talks about a using dream and what it means to him. In his blog, he says that using dreams a quite common for people in recovery. this is definitely true. But what does it mean? Read his dream first and then I 'll give you a clue.
Drinking in My Dreams | the 12 Step Buddhist: "I’m clean and sober for more than 12 years. But I still have what we call “drunk dreams.” Here’s a recent one. Although I’m not a follower of hip hop, I dreamed that I was hanging out with the famous rapper Snoop Dogg. I waited all day for him to pull out his stash of drugs. At the end of the day he put out some big fat lines of cocaine and offered me one. I took it in like a like a dirt dog lapping up a few licks of morning dew off the desert floor. The smell was so fresh and it made me feel more alive than I’d felt in years. My heart opened. I loved my life and everyone in it at that moment. In my mind I remembered that I was an addict in recovery. But I couldn’t reconcile the question that arose in my dreaming mind, “How could something that feels this good cause suffering?”"
A few years back, some research was done in England. They wanted to know how smoking dreams related to people who tried to quit smoking. turns out that those who had dreams of smoking (a slip) while quitting were more likely to stay quit! So using dreams can be an indication that you just might stay clean and sober!
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