Monday, May 25, 2015

In Search of Puella: Who is Puella?

Laura just got in touch with me and she is doing dreamwork with the 12 steps--I'm excited about her work and her blog--take a look. Her info is solid! She is an "Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioner working with individuals in an experiential exploration of the evocative intention of their dreams." Yeah--a fellow 12 step traveler develing into the subconscience.

In Search of Puella: Who is Puella?: "Puella is the Latin word for “girl”.  In Jungian purview she is often viewed as the girl who never grows up, as having a child-like demeanor, and as the feminine component within the male psyche which Carl Jung referred to in his public, professional life as "puella anima". In Archetypal Dreamwork, the girl in a dream is not an archetype per se, because she typically represents the manifestation of the dreamer's soul."

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