Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge-when dreams and plants mix

I had the pleasure of taking a edible plants workshop with Janice Schofiled who wrote the ever popular Discovering Wild Plants: Alaska, Western Canada, The Northwest
The workshop was informative and I learned some new recipes--but that is not why I am writing this. Janice mentioned something of interest to Dream Interpreters. It has to do with invoking dreams. Often people invoke dreams to solve problems (free download at the site) or they just want to increase the quality and vividness of their dreams.

there are herbs and other plants that you can put in your pillow to help facilitate dreaming. One of those is wormwood--pick dry and insert in pillow. Janice had picked some wormwood by they roadside, something she rarely does, but "just this time," took a short cut. After inserting it ito pillow, she began to have a series of dreams of people murdered, in accidents, she felt distraught, there was profuse bleeding in the nightmares. Plants have memories, she tells us. and I am inclined to believe her.

She mentioned the wormwood to someone and told them where she picked it, and they told her that there had been a serious car accident at that exact spot and several people were killed! She immediately knew that was what had been causing the nightmares. She discarded the wormwood and sent and picked some herbs growing by the sea and problem solved.

Remember that dreams are not always "messages" to us about our life or spirit--the horrible nightmares might be a reflection of that pepperoni pizza you ate last night, or as in Janice's case, triggered by the plant memory. that is why it is important to consider a wide array of interpretations. Dreams do not just come from one source...but multi-physical, mental, and spiritual.

Read about Tetlin here-- a great refuge (the ones who spnsored the workshop):
Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge: "Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge
Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge is a dynamic landscape made up of forests, wetlands, tundra, lakes, mountains and glacial rivers bounded by the snowy peaks of the Alaska Range. This upper Tanana River valley has been called the "Tetlin Passage,""

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