Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dreams and Recovery from Addiction |

From Psychology Today comes some pretty good info an us dreaming and using the dreams to help us recover. It's always nice to get validation from studies and other professionals--but dream interpreters knew it all along! Jermey Taylor writes a really good piece here!

Dreams and Recovery from Addiction | Psychology Today: "After more than thirty—five years of working with my own and other people’s dreams I am convinced that all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness. Even the worst recurring nightmares come to help the dreamer move forward more consciously in the direction of his/her health and wholeness. If a dream is remembered at all, it is a very reliable indication that there is a crucially important role for the dreamer's waking mind to play in the unfolding of all the issues and possibilities the dream presents, whether or not these multiple layers of meaning and implication are clear to the dreamer upon awakening. Dreams are like breathing, or the heart beating — no matter what problems there be with these autonomic respiratory and pulmonary systems, they are the basic supports of my life."

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